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Twelve-year-old, David Griffin, is a baseball fanatic and a sixth-grade student. The weather in coastal Connecticut is unseasonably warm at the beginning of March, so David is distracted by his daydreams of being a star baseball pitcher. But then David learns that he has to pass Monday’s test on weather in order to pass science and live out his dream. David’s parents are doctors and his Grandpa is a weather scientist, so there will be no baseball season if David fails. 

David and his best friend, Jon, decide to search Grandpa’s lab in the family basement for something to help him pass his test. In the process, they discover the Snowmallows – marshmallows shaped like snowflakes that were scientifically altered by Grandpa to make it snow when they are put into mugs of hot cocoa. Unfortunately, David and Jon don’t read all the instructions on the bag and use too many Snowmallows. They set off a snowstorm that doesn’t stop – where snow piles reach 6 feet high in some places.

David and Jon work with David's little sister, Emily, to stop the Snowmallows, but their solution, called Lemonthaw, causes a time shift. No one remembers the snow except the three of them. David fails science, is grounded, and will miss out on baseball season. 

Grandpa's the only person left who can help David stop the Snomwallows. Unfortunately, Grandpa is the last person he wants to ask.

Have some fun with the characters of snowmallows

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teacher resources - for both science and faith

We have some teacher resources that can be used with the concepts in Snowmallows.  Please click the links below to find them. 

Where can I find this book?

Snowmallows is available on Amazon and at many major book retailers. 

Paperback ISBN 978-1-7343716-1-1

Hardcover ISBN 978-1-7343716-0-4

Ebook ISBN 978-1-7343716-2-8

Kindle Ebook ISBN 978-1-7343716-4-2

Fun with Snowmallows

Read about Emily's day at the farm

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Find out which character is most like you!

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Snowmallow suggestions for a fun snow day

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Teacher Resources

Science and Faith Word Search

In this puzzle you will find the names of scientists who believed in God.  If you need an answer key, have someone over 18 years old contact us and we will send it out to you!

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Weather Terms Crossword

Fill in the puzzle with the appropriate weather terms.  Need an answer key?  Have someone over 18 years old contact us and we will send it out to you.

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