About Me

My Work

I have been writing stories since the time I could read. It has been my dream to publish books for "young" people.  That includes those young in age and those young at heart.  Snowmallows is my first.

I never thought I had the patience or the determination to write a novel. I've always written shorter stories like Emily's Field Trip. But, Snowmallows was fun to write and I'm happy I can now share it with you. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

My Community

There have been many wonderful people who have encouraged and helped me with writing over the years. A friend helped me with the initial idea for Snowmallows. Other friends read it and helped me with developmental, line, and copy editing. I was fortunate to attend many writing workshops - the best of which were the Sharing Our Hope Workshop and Self or Indie Publishing: Answering the Big Questions Workshop both of which were held at Highlights Foundation.  Children's Book Insider is another great resource for writers and they have a very informative self-publishing course  called the Self-Publishing Blueprint that's filled with helpful information.  I've received great advice from other published authors, too.

I'd suggest to anyone who wishes to write to search out resources in your area that will give you the education you need to learn to write right!

See our For Writers page for more information and links to the self publishing resources listed above.  They are there for all those with a story and a dream.

Join My Journey

Thank you for your interest in Snowmallows and the Shepherd's Companion Press Journey. We hope to have other books available for our valued readers in the future, so please check back with us every so often for updates. 

Until then, God bless you!